Phillips Preiss Grygiel

Phillips Preiss Grygiel Providing Railroad Station Area Planning Services in Long Island

About PPG

The Villages of Mineola and New Hyde Park have retained Phillips Preiss Grygiel to assess the potential impacts of the Long Island Railroad’s major expansion project, which will add a third track to its Main Line. This project is intended to provide regional benefits but will necessitate significant changes in the communities where construction will occur. The focus in both municiapalities is the area around their railroad stations. In Mineola, PPG's work builds upon its prior planning efforts on behalf of the Village beginning in 2000, including its award-winning Comprehensive Master Plan. PPG is also assisting the Village government in New Hyde Park with the analysis of environmental review documents, including proposing modifications and improvements to LIRR proposals for the station area, and providing standards for new zoning and other improvements in the station area. The review is also intended to limit the negative impacts of construction on the community and to maximize community benefits to New Hyde Park residents, businesses and visitors.