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Downtown Development Impact Analysis - Montclair, NJ


Downtown Development Impact Analysis - Montclair, NJ


Township of Montclair,NJ


PPG was retained by the Township of Montclair to assess the potential impacts of a major downtown mixed-use project. Notably, the development was proposed to include housing for approximately 1,000 students from a nearby state university, as well as retail, office, hotel and/or residential components. The PPG study analyzed aesthetic, community, economic and traffic impacts and outlined a variety of possible benefits and challenges, which helped lay the groundwork for a productive discussion between the applicant, the Township and the greater Montclair community.


The student housing project did not move forward, due in part to concerns about potential impacts uncovered by PPG's study. The Township of Montclair subsequently hired PPG to prepare a redevelopment investigation for the study area, as well as a redevelopment plan.